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MSFCCA presents Child Care Advancement Network Building Educators (CCANBE)

You CAN BE a Beacon of Excellence in Child Care

At CCANBE, we are committed to transforming the future of child care through quality education and professional development. Our mission is centered on supporting child care providers in their pursuit of excellence, equipping them with essential tools, resources, and mentorship to elevate their services and attain professional accreditation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a community of empowered, educated, and accredited child care professionals who are dedicated to delivering unparalleled standards of care and education. CCANBE seeks to seamlessly integrate family child care providers into the Maryland Blueprint, bridging the gap between current practices and the pinnacle of professional achievement. By creating a supportive network that encourages growth, innovation, and a lifelong dedication to professional development, we aim to ensure every child care provider can access opportunities for advancement and recognition, contributing to a cohesive and comprehensive approach to early childhood education in Maryland.

Our Program Phases

CCANBE unfolds in three strategic phases, tailored to meet the distinct needs of child care providers at varying stages of their professional development:

  • Phase 1: Quality Quest Mentorship

The cornerstone of our initiative, Phase 1 focuses on enhancing program quality through dedicated mentorship. "Quality Quest Mentorship" connects experienced child care providers with peers aspiring to elevate their program's quality, navigating them through the accreditation process and setting new benchmarks for excellence in child care. This phase embodies our commitment to continuous improvement and the attainment of the highest standards in early childhood education.

  • Phase 2: Global Credentials, Local Opportunity


​Acknowledging the rich diversity and backgrounds of child care providers, Phase 2 is designed to evaluate and recognize international credentials, paving the way for local opportunities. This phase facilitates the credential recognition process, guaranteeing that child care providers, irrespective of their geographical origins, have the opportunity for professional growth and recognition within Maryland's educational ecosystem.

  • Phase 3: SOON

Join Us

Whether you are a seasoned child care provider eager to mentor and positively impact the community, or a provider aiming to improve your program's quality and achieve accreditation, CCANBE is your platform for growth, learning, and professional excellence.

Discover more about each phase on our website and find out how you can contribute to this transformative journey towards better futures for educators and children alike.

More information will be uploaded here so stay tuned!

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